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Python Mastery with Mosh Exercise; Most repeating character in a sentence.

September 07, 2020

Write a function that’s returns the first most repeating character in a sentence in Python.

For ex.: “aabcddds” -> (“d”, 3)

def most_char_frequency(sentence):
    char_frequency = {}
    for char in sentence:
        if(char in char_frequency):
            char_frequency[char] += 1
            char_frequency[char] = 1

    char_frequency_sorted = sorted(
        key=lambda kv: kv[1],
    return char_frequency_sorted[0]
sentence = "This is a common interview questions"

Written by Ernest Saidu Kamara, a software engineer born in Sierra Leone and raised in Norway - Follow me on my social network. 👇🏿